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Fee Payment

Your membership fees can be paid via direct deposit.  The clubs bank details are;
BSB: 633000
A/c No: 129790879

Competition Times

Sunday All Year
Men’s 18 Hole - 8am start
Tuesday - Winter
Ladies 18 & 9 -  9am start 
Tuesday - Summer
Ladies 18 & 9 - 7.30am start
Thursday All Year
Mixed 18 Hole - 8am start
Saturday All Year
Mixed 18 Hole - 12.30pm start

Players are requested to present themselves to the starter at least 15 minutes before start time.





Pro-Rata Membership Fees.


A pro-rata fee for membership is offered after the half-way point of the Membership Year.

The calculation of the pro-rata membership fee is based simply on the proportion of the club Membership Year remaining in weekly terms until the 31st March.

For instance, if you join with 15 weeks remaining then the pro-rata membership fee payable is 15/52 of the current annual fee (rounded up to nearest dollar).  


2020 Membership Fees 

Membership Category Fee
Ordinary Member - Male & Female  $400.00
Junior Member - Male & Female    $  60.00
Nomination Fee     $  30.00
Social Membership     $  25.00

  • Fees payable are for the financial year of the Club which commences on 1st April each year and extends until the 31st March in the following year..
  • Nomination fees are applicable to all new memberships
  • Fees payable must accompany Membership Application Form.
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