Serpentine & Districts Golf Club

Serpentine & Districts Golf Club

Serpentine and Districts Golf Club Inc was founded in nineteen seventy-two and is a community golf club that provides an affordable playing experience. Situated amidst a stunning treed landscape, this distinctive and attractive club offers an entertaining and demanding 18-hole course.

The Club offers inexpensive membership options to ensure that the members remain an inclusive group of golfers who enjoy the camaraderie and relaxed social atmosphere on course and in the clubhouse. The Club encourages all golfers to consider joining us in our varied activities of golfing, course & clubhouse maintenance, and many social activities. New members are welcomed with open arms.

The course is open to the public at all times, and non-members can play at any time on almost every day of the year. Green fee players do not need to make a booking for their round.

The Club runs golfing competitions for its members and visitors on some days but do not stop the public from accessing the course. There are a few major events each year where the Club will ‘close’ the course to green fee players, and on these occasions a ‘Course closed’ sign is displayed at the entry to the course.

If green fee players are on the course during competition times, we ask that they adhere to golfing etiquette and allow competitors to ‘play through’ if necessary. The competition days/times are listed below.

Competition Times


Men’s 18 Hole Competition – 8am Start  (7:30am in summer)


Ladies 18 & 9 Hole Competition – 9am Start  (7:30am in summer)


Mixed 18 Hole Competition – 8am Start  (7:30am in summer)


Mixed 18 Hole Competition – 12:30pm Start

Our Committee

Management Committee


Scott Hambley – 0417 173 410

Vice President

Rick Murphy – 0417 187 184


Peter Townsend – 0417 912 468


Fred Cox – 0419 134 344

Men’s Captain

Jeff Webb – 0437 158 855

Ladies Captain

Judy Borgward – 0409 376 639


Julie Scott – 0423 362 625

Stan Indge – 0439 409 059

Other Positions

Grounds Chair

Peter Townsend – 0417 912 468

House Chair

Stan Indge – 0439 409 059


Brett Murphy – 0436 016 410

Bar Manager

Keith Gray – 0403 057 926

SWDLGA Delegates

Chris Siviour

Sue Webb

SWVLGA Delegates

Enid Andrew,

Lorraine Bailey


Rob Gibb

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