Serpentine & Districts Golf Club

Welcome to
Serpentine & Districts Golf Club

The Club offers inexpensive membership options to ensure that the members remain an inclusive group of golfers who enjoy the camaraderie and relaxed social atmosphere on course and in the clubhouse.

Enjoy a unique golf experience

Situated amidst a stunning treed landscape, this distinctive and attractive club offers an entertaining and demanding 18-hole course.

Open to the public

The course is open to the public at all times, and non-members can play at any time on almost every day of the year. Green fee players do not need to make a booking for their round.

About the Club

Open to the Public

Members of the public are welcome to play the course at times when there are no competitions being played.

Unique Sand Greens

Sand green golf is a lot of fun and requires you to play different shots as you approach the green.

Affordable Memberships

With full memberships starting at just $440 we are one of the most affordable golf clubs south of Perth.