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Competition Times

Sunday All Year
Men’s 18 Hole - 8am start
Tuesday - Winter
Ladies 18 & 9 -  9am start 
Tuesday - Summer
Ladies 18 & 9 - 7.30am start
Thursday All Year
Mixed 18 Hole - 8am start
Saturday All Year
Mixed 18 Hole - 12.30pm start

Players are requested to present themselves to the starter at least 15 minutes before start time.




Local Rules for Sand Greens

The following Local Rules issued by Golf Australia will apply throughout Australia from 1 April 1992. The Rules of Golf as approved by R&A Rules Limited, so far as they are not at variance with these Local Rules, will apply, and they are to be read in conjunction with these special Rules for Sand Greens.

Putting Green 
The putting green is the sanded portion specially prepared for putting. The Committee shall define the perimeter of  the putting green. The term “sand” in these rules shall mean all material used by the Committee.

The smoother is the implement provided or approved by the Committee for use by players smoothing the putting green preparatory to putting. The blade of the smoother must not be less than 60cm in length.

For the purpose of Section II, Definition of the Rules of Golf, a lining having an inner diameter of 108mm may be used provided that, when sunk, it’s upper edge is not more than 6mm below the putting green surface.

Loose Sand Sand and loose soil on a sand green is not a loose impediment.  


  1. Smoothing
    When the ball lies on the putting green, or within one club length of the putting green, the line from the player’s ball to the hole may be smoothed subject to the following considerations:
                   1.1 The smoother shall be DRAWN and not pushed.

                   1.2 The player is allowed a maximum of two smoothes per stroke in any direction.
                         Where a rake and smoother are provided, the rake shall only be used for the first smooth, provided the final 
                         smooth is made with the smoother.
                         1.2.1 Ball on the Putting Green 
                                 The putting green shall be smoothed in one consistently weighted and continuous action once from a point beyond the spot where the player’s ball was lifted to the hole, and in the same line at least one metre
                                 beyond the hole, or in the reverse order at the option of the player.
                         1.2.2 Ball within One Club Length of the Putting Green
                                 If a ball is within one club length of the putting green, the player may smooth in one consistently weighted
                                 and continuous action once from the defined perimeter of the putting green on a line from the ball to the
                                 hole, to at least one metre beyond the hole, or in the reverse order at the option of the player.

                    1.3 The smoother shall be used in such a manner that there shall not be any ridge or heaping of sand which could
                         operate to a player’s advantage. The player may be required by his fellow competitor or opponent, without penalty
                          to the player, to remove any ridge or heap of sand. If the player’s ball is deflected by a ridge of sand at the edge
                          of the smoothed portion, there is no penalty and the stroke may not be replayed.

                    1.4 The smoother may be used by the player, or any person authorised by him, but the player shall at all times be
                         responsible for any breach of the Rules or Local Rules.

                    1.5 During the play of the hole, the player is permitted to remove weeds growing on the putting green.

                    1.6 In the smoothing of sand where a loose impediment causes a mark to be made on the surface of the sand,
                          1.6.1 in the opinion of the opponent or the marker or a fellow competitor, will be of  assistance to the player, the
                                  loose impediment may be removed and the surface shall be smoothed once only;
                          1.6.2 in the opinion of the player, will be detrimental to him, the loose impediment may be removed and the
                                  surface may be re-smoothed once only.

                     1.7 Damage to the putting green caused by the impact of a ball shall not be repaired other than in the normal course
                          of smoothing as per Rule 1.2.
  2. Lifting, Marking and Replacing the Ball

                     2.1 The position of the ball shall be marked and lifted preparatory to smoothing by the player, his partner or any
                           person authorised by the player. It shall be replaced only by the player, his partner or the person who lifted it
                           and it must be replaced at the spot from which it was lifted. The player shall at all times be responsible for any
                           breach of the Rules or Local Rules.

                     2.2 If the player does not wish to smooth the putting surface prior to playing a ball at rest on the green after any
                          stroke, the ball may be lifted and placed within 5cm of where it last came to rest but not nearer the hole.

                The recommended method of marking the ball is illustrated in the diagrams below:

    Before lifting the ball, two straight lines AB and AC are scratched in the sand as shown in Fig. 1. These lines should extend sideways from the ball. “A” is the marked position of the ball. When the smooth is completed, those portions of the lines represented by AD and AE in Fig. 2 will be obliterated. “A” can readily be located by projecting the lines BD and CE until they meet. The point of intersection will be “A” and the ball must be replaced on that spot.
  3. Ball Holed
    A ball shall be deemed to be holed within the meaning of Section 2 of the Rules of Golf when it lies wholly within the circumference of the hole even if by reason of sand left within the hole all of the ball is not below the level of the lip of the hole.
  4. Excess Sand in Cup
    Players are permitted to empty the hole of excess sand at any time subject to Sand Green Rule 1.3 above.
Penalty for Breach of These Special Rules
Stroke Play - 2 strokes.
Match Play – loss of hole.

Sand Green Etiquette

  1. The last player to hole his ball on the putting green should empty the hole of sand and ensure that the flagstick is centred in the hole.
  2. All players in the group should ensure that the green is left scraped smooth of footprints and any other marks that may inconvenience following players.
  3. The intent of the local rule variation permitting two scrapes in the same direction is to encourage players to scrape TOWARDS the hole and thereby limit the removal of sand away from the centre of the green to the perimeter.

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