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Competition Times

Sunday All Year
Men’s 18 Hole - 8am start
Tuesday - Winter
Ladies 18 & 9 -  9am start 
Tuesday - Summer
Ladies 18 & 9 - 7.30am start
Thursday All Year
Mixed 18 Hole - 8am start
Saturday All Year
Mixed 18 Hole - 12.30pm start

Players are requested to present themselves to the starter at least 15 minutes before start time.




Golf Etiquette
No one shall move, talk or stand close to or directly behind the ball or hole when a player is addressing a ball or making a stroke.
To prevent slow play, especially on sand greens, each player should putt out.
The player who has the honour shall tee off before his opponent or fellow competitor.
No player shall play until the players in front are out of range.
If there is a possibility a ball has been lost, a provisional ball should be played immediately.
Players should play at all times without delay. A group searching for a ball should signal the players immediately behind to play as soon as it becomes apparent that the ball will not easily be found - they should not search for 5 minutes before doing so. Should the ball be found after calling the following group through, but before they have passed through, ascertain whether the following group agrees to your group continuing on, or waiting.
Slow Play
It is the responsibility of all players to keep up with those in front of them.
If a playing group fails to maintain their place in the field and become one clear hole behind the group in front of them, then the following group has the right to play through. The group at fault must either:
Make up lost ground without delay
Call those following to play through.
If they fail to do either of these, the players following must indicate that they are exercising their right to go through, and must report the offending players to the Captain or the match Committee. Refer to Rule 37.7.
Sand Green Etiquette
The last player to hole his ball on the putting green should empty the hole of sand and ensure that the flagstick is centered in the hole.
All players in the group should ensure that the green is left scraped smooth of footprints and any other marks that may inconvenience following players.
The intent of the local rule variation permitting two scrapes in the same direction is to encourage players to scrape TOWARDS the hole and thereby limit the removal of sand away from the center of the green to the perimeter

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