This page is designed to keep members up to date with what the Grounds Committee is currently undertaking or planned programs.

Reticulation Help Required

The weather is warming up fast. It only takes a couple of hot days in a row for the grass to brown off if the sprinklers are not working properly.
The Club is asking for a volunteer or volunteers (task is easily shared) to conduct operation checks of the system.
Ideally the sprinklers should be checked twice a week to ensure efficiency.  To check the operation of the sprinklers it would require approximately 2 hours for front and back, 4 hours a week.  This does not take into account any replacements, repairs required.  
If you are able to help please contact Brett Murphy 0436 016 410 or via email mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
for more details.

The volunteer(s) would be required to

  • Operate two controllers, set testing program
  • Check rotation of sprinklers
  • Check sprinkler flow
  • Check angle of sprinklers around the green
  • Replace sprinklers as required
  • Clean filters if required
  • Check operation of valves
  • Monitor Dam Levels
  • Test sprinklers removed from service
  • Do monthly meter readings, (4 meters) record readings

 Training on operation of reticulation controllers will be provided.

Jobs for Volunteers

There are a number of jobs that volunteers could help with

  • Build Stiles (Steps) over boundary fences.  3 on No 1, 1 on No 11 and 1 on No 12
  • Pick Up range balls
  • Sweep out Machinery and Buggy Sheds
  • Paint spare Tee  Markers 10 of each Red, Blue and White
  • Repair worn patches on Tee Boxes
  • Clean out Reticulation valve Boxes
  • Pick up fallen branches
  • Replace Tee sign holders where required
  • Trim around culverts, bins, signs, distance markers
  • Remove sprinklers from greens (No 7 and 13)
  • Plant grass in bare areas around greens.
  • Modify Flag stick to prevent blowing over

If you can help with any of the above please contact the grounds committee.

Our Club membership fees are kept to a low level due to the members themselves maintaining the course with only minimal paid labour involved. Every member has the right and duty to assist in keeping the course in good condition. There are many light but essential jobs which need doing around the course throughout the year. If you are able, please volunteer your services and make yourself available when there are Busy Bees. Please note that failure to support the Club with voluntary course maintenance may lead to fee increases in order to fund hired labour.